MySQL 8.4.0
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MYSQL_FIELD Struct Reference

#include <mysql.h>

Public Attributes

char * name
char * org_name
char * table
char * org_table
char * db
char * catalog
char * def
unsigned long length
unsigned long max_length
unsigned int name_length
unsigned int org_name_length
unsigned int table_length
unsigned int org_table_length
unsigned int db_length
unsigned int catalog_length
unsigned int def_length
unsigned int flags
unsigned int decimals
unsigned int charsetnr
enum enum_field_types type
void * extension

Member Data Documentation

◆ catalog

char* MYSQL_FIELD::catalog

◆ catalog_length

unsigned int MYSQL_FIELD::catalog_length

◆ charsetnr

unsigned int MYSQL_FIELD::charsetnr

◆ db

char* MYSQL_FIELD::db

◆ db_length

unsigned int MYSQL_FIELD::db_length

◆ decimals

unsigned int MYSQL_FIELD::decimals

◆ def

char* MYSQL_FIELD::def

◆ def_length

unsigned int MYSQL_FIELD::def_length

◆ extension

void* MYSQL_FIELD::extension

◆ flags

unsigned int MYSQL_FIELD::flags

◆ length

unsigned long MYSQL_FIELD::length

◆ max_length

unsigned long MYSQL_FIELD::max_length

◆ name

char* MYSQL_FIELD::name

◆ name_length

unsigned int MYSQL_FIELD::name_length

◆ org_name

char* MYSQL_FIELD::org_name

◆ org_name_length

unsigned int MYSQL_FIELD::org_name_length

◆ org_table

char* MYSQL_FIELD::org_table

◆ org_table_length

unsigned int MYSQL_FIELD::org_table_length

◆ table

char* MYSQL_FIELD::table

◆ table_length

unsigned int MYSQL_FIELD::table_length

◆ type

enum enum_field_types MYSQL_FIELD::type

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