MySQL 8.0.32
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metadata.h File Reference
#include <mysql/plugin.h>
#include "mysql_version.h"
#include "sql/dd/string_type.h"

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namespace  dd
 The version of the current data dictionary table definitions.
namespace  dd::info_schema


bool dd::info_schema::initialize (THD *thd)
 Initialize INFORMATION_SCHEMA system views. More...
bool dd::info_schema::init_non_dd_based_system_view (THD *thd)
 Initialize non DD based INFORMATION_SCHEMA system views. More...
bool dd::info_schema::create_system_views (THD *thd)
 Create INFORMATION_SCHEMA system views. More...
bool dd::info_schema::store_server_I_S_metadata (THD *thd)
 Store the server I_S table metadata into dictionary, once during MySQL server bootstrap. More...
bool dd::info_schema::update_I_S_metadata (THD *thd)
 Store I_S table metadata into dictionary, during MySQL server startup. More...
bool dd::info_schema::store_dynamic_plugin_I_S_metadata (THD *thd, st_plugin_int *plugin_int)
 Store dynamic I_S plugin table metadata into dictionary, during INSTALL command execution. More...
bool dd::info_schema::remove_I_S_view_metadata (THD *thd, const dd::String_type &view_name)
 Remove I_S view metadata from dictionary. More...
bool dd::info_schema::get_I_S_view_definition (const dd::String_type &schema_name, const dd::String_type &view_name, dd::String_type *definition)
 Get create view definition for the given I_S system view. More...


static const uint dd::info_schema::IS_DD_VERSION = 80030
 The version of the current information_schema system views. More...