MySQL 8.4.0
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st_plugin_int Struct Reference

#include <sql_plugin_ref.h>

Public Attributes

LEX_CSTRING name {nullptr, 0}
st_mysql_pluginplugin {nullptr}
st_plugin_dlplugin_dl {nullptr}
uint state {0}
uint ref_count {0}
void * data {nullptr}
MEM_ROOT mem_root
sys_varsystem_vars {nullptr}
enum_plugin_load_option load_option

Member Data Documentation

◆ data

void* st_plugin_int::data {nullptr}

◆ load_option

enum_plugin_load_option st_plugin_int::load_option
Initial value:
Definition: sql_plugin_ref.h:37

◆ mem_root

MEM_ROOT st_plugin_int::mem_root

◆ name

LEX_CSTRING st_plugin_int::name {nullptr, 0}

◆ plugin

st_mysql_plugin* st_plugin_int::plugin {nullptr}

◆ plugin_dl

st_plugin_dl* st_plugin_int::plugin_dl {nullptr}

◆ ref_count

uint st_plugin_int::ref_count {0}

◆ state

uint st_plugin_int::state {0}

◆ system_vars

sys_var* st_plugin_int::system_vars {nullptr}

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