MySQL 8.0.29
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sdi_file.h File Reference
#include <stddef.h>
#include <utility>
#include "mysql/mysql_lex_string.h"
#include "prealloced_array.h"
#include "sql/dd/impl/sdi.h"
#include "sql/dd/object_id.h"
#include "sql/dd/string_type.h"

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namespace  dd
 The version of the current data dictionary table definitions.
namespace  dd::sdi_file


typedef std::pair< dd::String_type, bool > dd::sdi_file::Path_type
 Instantiation of std::pair to represent the full path to an sdi file. More...
typedef Prealloced_array< Path_type, 3 > dd::sdi_file::Paths_type
 Typedef for container type to use as out-parameter when expanding sdi file patterns into paths. More...


String_type dd::sdi_file::sdi_filename (Object_id id, const String_type &entity_name, const String_type &schema)
 Formats an sdi filename according to the mysql conventions for an entity name and schema name, where the schema may be "". More...
bool dd::sdi_file::store_tbl_sdi (const Sdi_type &sdi, const dd::Table &table, const dd::Schema &schema)
 Stores sdi for table in a file. More...
bool dd::sdi_file::remove (const String_type &fname)
 Remove a file name from the file system. More...
bool dd::sdi_file::drop_tbl_sdi (const dd::Table &table, const dd::Schema &schema)
 Removes sdi file for a table. More...
bool dd::sdi_file::load (THD *thd, const dd::String_type &fname, dd::String_type *buf)
 Read an sdi file from disk and store in a buffer. More...
bool dd::sdi_file::expand_pattern (THD *thd, const MYSQL_LEX_STRING &pattern, Paths_type *paths)
 Expand an sdi filename pattern into the set of full paths that match. More...
bool dd::sdi_file::check_data_files_exist (const dd::String_type &schema_name, const dd::String_type &table_name)
 Check that the MYD and MYI files for table exists. More...


const size_t dd::sdi_file::FILENAME_PREFIX_CHARS = 16
 Number of character (not bytes) of a tablename which will contrubute to the sdi file name. More...
const String_type dd::sdi_file::EXT = ".sdi"
 File name extension for sdi files. More...