MySQL 8.4.0
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file.h File Reference
#include <array>
#include <system_error>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include "mysql/harness/stdx/expected.h"

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class  net::impl::file::file_control_option< Name, Arg >
class  net::impl::file::file_control_option< Name, void >


namespace  net
namespace  net::impl
namespace  net::impl::file


using net::impl::file::file_handle_type = int
using net::impl::file::dup_fd = file_control_option< F_DUPFD, int >
using net::impl::file::dup_fd_cloexec = file_control_option< F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC, int >
using net::impl::file::get_file_flags = file_control_option< F_GETFD, void >
using net::impl::file::set_file_flags = file_control_option< F_SETFD, int >
using net::impl::file::get_file_status = file_control_option< F_GETFL, void >
using net::impl::file::set_file_status = file_control_option< F_SETFL, int >
using net::impl::file::get_own = file_control_option< F_GETOWN, void >
using net::impl::file::set_own = file_control_option< F_SETOWN, int >


std::error_code net::impl::file::last_error_code ()
template<class FileControlOption >
stdx::expected< int, std::error_code > net::impl::file::fcntl (file_handle_type fd, const FileControlOption &cmd)
stdx::expected< std::pair< file_handle_type, file_handle_type >, std::error_code > net::impl::file::pipe (int flags=0)
 create pipe. More...
stdx::expected< size_t, std::error_code > net::impl::file::write (file_handle_type handle, const void *buf, size_t buf_len)
 write a buffer to a file handle. More...
stdx::expected< size_t, std::error_code > net::impl::file::read (file_handle_type handle, void *buf, size_t buf_len)
 read from file handle into a buffer. More...
stdx::expected< void, std::error_code > net::impl::file::close (file_handle_type native_handle)
 close file handle. More...


constexpr file_handle_type net::impl::file::kInvalidHandle {-1}