MySQL 8.4.0
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mysql_cond.h File Reference

Instrumentation helpers for conditions. More...

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#define mysql_cond_register(P1, P2, P3)   inline_mysql_cond_register(P1, P2, P3)
 Cond registration. More...
#define mysql_cond_init(K, C)   mysql_cond_init_with_src(K, C, __FILE__, __LINE__)
 Instrumented cond_init. More...
#define mysql_cond_init_with_src(K, C, F, L)   inline_mysql_cond_init(K, C, F, L)
#define mysql_cond_destroy(C)   mysql_cond_destroy_with_src(C, __FILE__, __LINE__)
 Instrumented cond_destroy. More...
#define mysql_cond_destroy_with_src(C, F, L)   inline_mysql_cond_destroy(C, F, L)
#define mysql_cond_wait(C, M)   mysql_cond_wait_with_src(C, M, __FILE__, __LINE__)
 Instrumented cond_wait. More...
#define mysql_cond_wait_with_src(C, M, F, L)   inline_mysql_cond_wait(C, M, F, L)
#define mysql_cond_timedwait(C, M, W)    mysql_cond_timedwait_with_src(C, M, W, __FILE__, __LINE__)
 Instrumented cond_timedwait. More...
#define mysql_cond_timedwait_with_src(C, M, W, F, L)    inline_mysql_cond_timedwait(C, M, W, F, L)
#define mysql_cond_signal(C)   mysql_cond_signal_with_src(C, __FILE__, __LINE__)
 Instrumented cond_signal. More...
#define mysql_cond_signal_with_src(C, F, L)   inline_mysql_cond_signal(C, F, L)
#define mysql_cond_broadcast(C)    mysql_cond_broadcast_with_src(C, __FILE__, __LINE__)
 Instrumented cond_broadcast. More...
#define mysql_cond_broadcast_with_src(C, F, L)    inline_mysql_cond_broadcast(C, F, L)


static void inline_mysql_cond_register (const char *category, PSI_cond_info *info, int count)
static int inline_mysql_cond_init (PSI_cond_key key, mysql_cond_t *that, const char *src_file, int src_line)
static int inline_mysql_cond_destroy (mysql_cond_t *that, const char *src_file, int src_line)
static int inline_mysql_cond_wait (mysql_cond_t *that, mysql_mutex_t *mutex, const char *src_file, int src_line)
static int inline_mysql_cond_timedwait (mysql_cond_t *that, mysql_mutex_t *mutex, const struct timespec *abstime, const char *src_file, int src_line)
static int inline_mysql_cond_signal (mysql_cond_t *that, const char *src_file, int src_line)
static int inline_mysql_cond_broadcast (mysql_cond_t *that, const char *src_file, int src_line)

Detailed Description

Instrumentation helpers for conditions.