MySQL 8.0.31
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lob0impl.h File Reference
#include "btr0btr.h"
#include "fut0lst.h"
#include "lob0first.h"
#include "lob0lob.h"
#include "mach0data.h"
#include "mtr0log.h"
#include "mtr0mtr.h"
#include "mtr0types.h"

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class  lob::plist_node_t
 The node of page list. More...
struct  lob::plist_base_node_t
 The base node of page list. More...
struct  lob::node_page_t
 The node page (also can be called as the index page) contains a list of index_entry_t objects. More...
struct  lob::z_frag_entry_t
 An entry representing one fragment page. More...
struct  lob::z_index_page_t
 An index page containing an array of z_index_entry_t objects. More...
struct  lob::z_data_page_t
 The data page holding the zlob. More...
struct  lob::z_frag_node_page_t
 A frag nodes page containing an array of z_frag_entry_t objects. More...
struct  lob::frag_node_t
 The fragment node represents one fragment. More...
struct  lob::z_frag_page_t
 The fragment page. More...


namespace  lob
 Provides the large objects (LOB) module.


using lob::paddr_t = ulint
using lob::frag_id_t = ulint


std::ostream & lob::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const plist_node_t &obj)
std::ostream & lob::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const plist_base_node_t &obj)
std::ostream & lob::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const z_frag_entry_t &obj)
dberr_t lob::z_print_info (const dict_index_t *index, const lob::ref_t &ref, std::ostream &out)
 Print information about the given compressed lob. More...
std::ostream & lob::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const frag_node_t &obj)
dberr_t lob::z_insert_chunk (dict_index_t *index, z_first_page_t &first, trx_t *trx, byte *blob, ulint len, z_index_entry_t *out_entry, mtr_t *mtr, bool bulk)
 Insert one chunk of input. More...


const ulint lob::FRAG_ID_NULL = std::numeric_limits<uint16_t>::max()
const ulint lob::KB16 = 16 * 1024