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1/* Copyright (c) 2003, 2023, Oracle and/or its affiliates.
3 This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
4 it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.0,
5 as published by the Free Software Foundation.
7 This program is also distributed with certain software (including
8 but not limited to OpenSSL) that is licensed under separate terms,
9 as designated in a particular file or component or in included license
10 documentation. The authors of MySQL hereby grant you an additional
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14 This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
15 but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
17 GNU General Public License, version 2.0, for more details.
19 You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
20 along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
21 Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA */
24 @file include/keycache.h
25 Key cache variable structures.
28#ifndef _keycache_h
29#define _keycache_h
31#include <stddef.h>
32#include <sys/types.h>
34#include <string_view>
36#include "my_inttypes.h"
37#include "my_io.h"
38#include "my_macros.h"
39#include "my_sys.h" /* flush_type */
43/* declare structures that is used by KEY_CACHE */
45struct BLOCK_LINK;
46struct HASH_LINK;
48/* Thread specific variables */
52 void *opt_info;
55/* info about requests in a waiting queue */
57 st_keycache_thread_var *last_thread; /* circular list of waiting threads */
60/* Typical key cash */
61#define KEY_CACHE_SIZE (uint)(8 * 1024 * 1024)
62/* Default size of a key cache block */
63#define KEY_CACHE_BLOCK_SIZE (uint)1024
65#define CHANGED_BLOCKS_HASH 128 /* must be power of 2 */
68 The key cache structure
69 It also contains read-only statistics parameters.
72struct KEY_CACHE {
74 bool in_resize; /* true during resize operation */
75 bool resize_in_flush; /* true during flush of resize operation */
76 bool can_be_used; /* usage of cache for read/write is allowed */
77 size_t key_cache_mem_size; /* specified size of the cache memory */
78 uint key_cache_block_size; /* size of the page buffer of a cache block */
79 ulonglong min_warm_blocks; /* min number of warm blocks; */
80 ulonglong age_threshold; /* age threshold for hot blocks */
81 ulonglong keycache_time; /* total number of block link operations */
82 uint hash_entries; /* max number of entries in the hash table */
83 int hash_links; /* max number of hash links */
84 int hash_links_used; /* number of hash links currently used */
85 int disk_blocks; /* max number of blocks in the cache */
86 ulong blocks_used; /* maximum number of concurrently used blocks */
87 ulong blocks_unused; /* number of currently unused blocks */
88 ulong blocks_changed; /* number of currently dirty blocks */
89 ulong warm_blocks; /* number of blocks in warm sub-chain */
90 ulong cnt_for_resize_op; /* counter to block resize operation */
91 long blocks_available; /* number of blocks available in the LRU chain */
92 HASH_LINK **hash_root; /* arr. of entries into hash table buckets */
93 HASH_LINK *hash_link_root; /* memory for hash table links */
94 HASH_LINK *free_hash_list; /* list of free hash links */
95 BLOCK_LINK *free_block_list; /* list of free blocks */
96 BLOCK_LINK *block_root; /* memory for block links */
97 uchar *block_mem; /* memory for block buffers */
98 BLOCK_LINK *used_last; /* ptr to the last block of the LRU chain */
99 BLOCK_LINK *used_ins; /* ptr to the insertion block in LRU chain */
100 mysql_mutex_t cache_lock; /* to lock access to the cache structure */
101 KEYCACHE_WQUEUE resize_queue; /* threads waiting during resize operation */
102 /*
103 Waiting for a zero resize count. Using a queue for symmetry though
104 only one thread can wait here.
105 */
107 KEYCACHE_WQUEUE waiting_for_hash_link; /* waiting for a free hash link */
108 KEYCACHE_WQUEUE waiting_for_block; /* requests waiting for a free block */
109 BLOCK_LINK *changed_blocks[CHANGED_BLOCKS_HASH]; /* hash for dirty file bl.*/
110 BLOCK_LINK *file_blocks[CHANGED_BLOCKS_HASH]; /* hash for other file bl.*/
112 /*
113 The following variables are and variables used to hold parameters for
114 initializing the key cache.
115 */
117 ulonglong param_buff_size; /* size the memory allocated for the cache */
118 ulonglong param_block_size; /* size of the blocks in the key cache */
119 ulonglong param_division_limit; /* min. percentage of warm blocks */
120 ulonglong param_age_threshold; /* determines when hot block is downgraded */
122 /* Statistics variables. These are reset in reset_key_cache_counters(). */
123 ulong global_blocks_changed; /* number of currently dirty blocks */
124 ulonglong global_cache_w_requests; /* number of write requests (write hits) */
125 ulonglong global_cache_write; /* number of writes from cache to files */
126 ulonglong global_cache_r_requests; /* number of read requests (read hits) */
127 ulonglong global_cache_read; /* number of reads from files to cache */
129 int blocks; /* max number of blocks in the cache */
130 bool in_init; /* Set to 1 in MySQL during init/resize */
133/* The default key cache */
136extern int init_key_cache(KEY_CACHE *keycache, ulonglong key_cache_block_size,
137 size_t use_mem, ulonglong division_limit,
138 ulonglong age_threshold);
139extern int resize_key_cache(KEY_CACHE *keycache,
140 st_keycache_thread_var *thread_var,
141 ulonglong key_cache_block_size, size_t use_mem,
142 ulonglong division_limit, ulonglong age_threshold);
143extern uchar *key_cache_read(KEY_CACHE *keycache,
144 st_keycache_thread_var *thread_var, File file,
145 my_off_t filepos, int level, uchar *buff,
146 uint length, uint block_length, int return_buffer);
147extern int key_cache_insert(KEY_CACHE *keycache,
148 st_keycache_thread_var *thread_var, File file,
149 my_off_t filepos, int level, uchar *buff,
150 uint length);
151extern int key_cache_write(KEY_CACHE *keycache,
152 st_keycache_thread_var *thread_var, File file,
153 my_off_t filepos, int level, uchar *buff,
154 uint length, uint block_length, int force_write);
155extern int flush_key_blocks(KEY_CACHE *keycache,
156 st_keycache_thread_var *thread_var, int file,
157 enum flush_type type);
158extern void end_key_cache(KEY_CACHE *keycache, bool cleanup);
160/* Functions to handle multiple key caches */
161extern bool multi_keycache_init(void);
162extern void multi_keycache_free(void);
164extern bool multi_key_cache_set(const uchar *key, uint length,
165 KEY_CACHE *key_cache);
166extern void multi_key_cache_change(KEY_CACHE *old_data, KEY_CACHE *new_data);
167extern int reset_key_cache_counters(std::string_view name,
168 KEY_CACHE *key_cache);
169#endif /* _keycache_h */
app_data_ptr new_data(u_int n, char *val, cons_type consensus)
Definition: my_sys.h:296
void end_key_cache(KEY_CACHE *keycache, bool cleanup)
bool multi_keycache_init(void)
KEY_CACHE dflt_key_cache_var
int key_cache_insert(KEY_CACHE *keycache, st_keycache_thread_var *thread_var, File file, my_off_t filepos, int level, uchar *buff, uint length)
void multi_keycache_free(void)
bool multi_key_cache_set(const uchar *key, uint length, KEY_CACHE *key_cache)
Definition: keycache.h:65
int init_key_cache(KEY_CACHE *keycache, ulonglong key_cache_block_size, size_t use_mem, ulonglong division_limit, ulonglong age_threshold)
int reset_key_cache_counters(std::string_view name, KEY_CACHE *key_cache)
int flush_key_blocks(KEY_CACHE *keycache, st_keycache_thread_var *thread_var, int file, enum flush_type type)
void multi_key_cache_change(KEY_CACHE *old_data, KEY_CACHE *new_data)
KEY_CACHE * multi_key_cache_search(uchar *key, uint length)
KEY_CACHE * dflt_key_cache
Definition: keycache.h:134
uchar * key_cache_read(KEY_CACHE *keycache, st_keycache_thread_var *thread_var, File file, my_off_t filepos, int level, uchar *buff, uint length, uint block_length, int return_buffer)
int resize_key_cache(KEY_CACHE *keycache, st_keycache_thread_var *thread_var, ulonglong key_cache_block_size, size_t use_mem, ulonglong division_limit, ulonglong age_threshold)
int key_cache_write(KEY_CACHE *keycache, st_keycache_thread_var *thread_var, File file, my_off_t filepos, int level, uchar *buff, uint length, uint block_length, int force_write)
Some integer typedefs for easier portability.
unsigned long long int ulonglong
Definition: my_inttypes.h:55
ulonglong my_off_t
Definition: my_inttypes.h:71
unsigned char uchar
Definition: my_inttypes.h:51
Common #defines and includes for file and socket I/O.
int File
Definition: my_io_bits.h:50
Some common macros.
Common header for many mysys elements.
Definition: os0file.h:88
bool length(const dd::Spatial_reference_system *srs, const Geometry *g1, double *length, bool *null) noexcept
Computes the length of linestrings and multilinestrings.
Instrumentation helpers for conditions.
Instrumentation helpers for mutexes.
required string key
Definition: replication_asynchronous_connection_failover.proto:59
required string type
Definition: replication_group_member_actions.proto:33
case opt name
Definition: sslopt-case.h:32
Definition: keycache.h:56
st_keycache_thread_var * last_thread
Definition: keycache.h:57
Definition: keycache.h:72
ulonglong global_cache_read
Definition: keycache.h:127
bool can_be_used
Definition: keycache.h:76
BLOCK_LINK * used_ins
Definition: keycache.h:99
HASH_LINK ** hash_root
Definition: keycache.h:92
ulonglong param_division_limit
Definition: keycache.h:119
BLOCK_LINK * used_last
Definition: keycache.h:98
int disk_blocks
Definition: keycache.h:85
ulonglong param_age_threshold
Definition: keycache.h:120
uint hash_entries
Definition: keycache.h:82
int hash_links_used
Definition: keycache.h:84
ulonglong global_cache_r_requests
Definition: keycache.h:126
int blocks
Definition: keycache.h:129
KEYCACHE_WQUEUE resize_queue
Definition: keycache.h:101
ulonglong global_cache_w_requests
Definition: keycache.h:124
ulonglong age_threshold
Definition: keycache.h:80
Definition: keycache.h:110
bool resize_in_flush
Definition: keycache.h:75
ulonglong global_cache_write
Definition: keycache.h:125
ulonglong param_buff_size
Definition: keycache.h:117
ulong blocks_unused
Definition: keycache.h:87
ulonglong param_block_size
Definition: keycache.h:118
KEYCACHE_WQUEUE waiting_for_resize_cnt
Definition: keycache.h:106
KEYCACHE_WQUEUE waiting_for_hash_link
Definition: keycache.h:107
HASH_LINK * hash_link_root
Definition: keycache.h:93
bool key_cache_inited
Definition: keycache.h:73
KEYCACHE_WQUEUE waiting_for_block
Definition: keycache.h:108
ulong blocks_changed
Definition: keycache.h:88
ulonglong min_warm_blocks
Definition: keycache.h:79
bool in_resize
Definition: keycache.h:74
ulong global_blocks_changed
Definition: keycache.h:123
ulong cnt_for_resize_op
Definition: keycache.h:90
bool in_init
Definition: keycache.h:130
int hash_links
Definition: keycache.h:83
ulong blocks_used
Definition: keycache.h:86
size_t key_cache_mem_size
Definition: keycache.h:77
long blocks_available
Definition: keycache.h:91
ulong warm_blocks
Definition: keycache.h:89
BLOCK_LINK * block_root
Definition: keycache.h:96
BLOCK_LINK * free_block_list
Definition: keycache.h:95
HASH_LINK * free_hash_list
Definition: keycache.h:94
uint key_cache_block_size
Definition: keycache.h:78
Definition: keycache.h:109
ulonglong keycache_time
Definition: keycache.h:81
mysql_mutex_t cache_lock
Definition: keycache.h:100
uchar * block_mem
Definition: keycache.h:97
An instrumented cond structure.
Definition: mysql_cond_bits.h:49
An instrumented mutex structure.
Definition: mysql_mutex_bits.h:49
Definition: keycache.h:49
struct st_keycache_thread_var * next
Definition: keycache.h:51
mysql_cond_t suspend
Definition: keycache.h:50
struct st_keycache_thread_var ** prev
Definition: keycache.h:51
void * opt_info
Definition: keycache.h:52