MySQL 8.1.0
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table_stats.h File Reference
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <string>
#include "sql/dd/object_id.h"
#include "sql/dd/string_type.h"
#include "sql/handler.h"
#include "sql_string.h"

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class  dd::info_schema::Table_statistics
 The class hold dynamic table statistics for a table. More...


namespace  dd
 The version of the current data dictionary table definitions.
namespace  dd::info_schema


enum class  dd::info_schema::enum_table_stats_type {
  dd::info_schema::TABLE_ROWS , dd::info_schema::TABLE_AVG_ROW_LENGTH , dd::info_schema::DATA_LENGTH , dd::info_schema::MAX_DATA_LENGTH ,
  dd::info_schema::INDEX_LENGTH , dd::info_schema::DATA_FREE , dd::info_schema::AUTO_INCREMENT , dd::info_schema::CHECKSUM ,
  dd::info_schema::TABLE_UPDATE_TIME , dd::info_schema::CHECK_TIME , dd::info_schema::INDEX_COLUMN_CARDINALITY


bool dd::info_schema::update_table_stats (THD *thd, Table_ref *table)
 Get dynamic table statistics of a table and store them into mysql.table_stats. More...
bool dd::info_schema::update_index_stats (THD *thd, Table_ref *table)
 Get dynamic index statistics of a table and store them into mysql.index_stats. More...
bool dd::info_schema::convert_table_name_case (char *db, char *table_name)
 If the db is 'information_schema' then convert 'db' to lowercase and 'table_name' to upper case. More...