MySQL 8.3.0
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dynamic_loader_imp.h File Reference
#include <mysql/components/my_service.h>
#include <mysql/components/service_implementation.h>
#include <mysql/components/services/mysql_runtime_error_service.h>
#include <mysql/components/services/dynamic_loader.h>
#include <forward_list>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "c_string_less.h"
#include "mysql_component_imp.h"
#include "rwlock_scoped_lock.h"
#include ""

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class  mysql_dynamic_loader_imp
 A class with an implementation of the Dynamic Loader Service. More...


#define OBJECT_ITERATOR   my_h_component_iterator
#define METADATA_ITERATOR   my_h_component_metadata_iterator


typedef std::map< const char *, std::unique_ptr< mysql_component >, c_string_lessmy_component_registry
 Making component object and the generation ID as a pair. More...
using components_vector = std::vector< mysql_component * >
using generation_urns_list = std::forward_list< components_vector >




my_h_service h_err_service

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#define METADATA_ITERATOR   my_h_component_metadata_iterator


#define OBJECT_ITERATOR   my_h_component_iterator

Typedef Documentation

◆ components_vector

using components_vector = std::vector<mysql_component *>

◆ generation_urns_list

using generation_urns_list = std::forward_list<components_vector>

◆ my_component_registry

typedef std::map<const char *, std::unique_ptr<mysql_component>, c_string_less> my_component_registry

Making component object and the generation ID as a pair.

Here generation ID represents the group ID maintained at the time of components insertion. The component deinitialization is going to be done as a groups based on the generation ID. This pair is assigned as a value to the my_component_registry map.

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REQUIRES_SERVICE_PLACEHOLDER ( mysql_runtime_error  )

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◆ h_err_service

my_h_service h_err_service