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Slave_reporting_capability::Error Class Reference

Error information structure. More...

#include <rpl_reporting.h>

Public Member Functions

 Error ()
void clear ()
void update_timestamp ()

Public Attributes

uint32 number
 Error code. More...
char message [MAX_SLAVE_ERRMSG]
 Error message. More...
char timestamp [64]
 Error timestamp as string. More...
ulonglong skr
 Error timestamp in microseconds. More...


class Slave_reporting_capability

Detailed Description

Error information structure.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Error()

Slave_reporting_capability::Error::Error ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ clear()

void Slave_reporting_capability::Error::clear ( )

◆ update_timestamp()

void Slave_reporting_capability::Error::update_timestamp ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ Slave_reporting_capability

friend class Slave_reporting_capability

Member Data Documentation

◆ message

char Slave_reporting_capability::Error::message[MAX_SLAVE_ERRMSG]

Error message.

◆ number

uint32 Slave_reporting_capability::Error::number

Error code.

◆ skr

ulonglong Slave_reporting_capability::Error::skr

Error timestamp in microseconds.

Used in performance_schema

◆ timestamp

char Slave_reporting_capability::Error::timestamp[64]

Error timestamp as string.

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