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Settable_routine_parameter Class Referenceabstract

#include <item.h>

Inheritance diagram for Settable_routine_parameter:
Item_func_get_user_var Item_param Item_splocal Item_trigger_field PTI_user_variable

Public Member Functions

 Settable_routine_parameter ()
virtual ~Settable_routine_parameter ()
virtual void set_required_privilege (ulong privilege)
 Set required privileges for accessing the parameter. More...
virtual bool set_value (THD *thd, sp_rcontext *ctx, Item **it)=0
virtual void set_out_param_info (Send_field *info)
virtual const Send_fieldget_out_param_info () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Settable_routine_parameter()

Settable_routine_parameter::Settable_routine_parameter ( )

◆ ~Settable_routine_parameter()

virtual Settable_routine_parameter::~Settable_routine_parameter ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_out_param_info()

virtual const Send_field* Settable_routine_parameter::get_out_param_info ( ) const

Reimplemented in Item_param.

◆ set_out_param_info()

virtual void Settable_routine_parameter::set_out_param_info ( Send_field info)

Reimplemented in Item_param.

◆ set_required_privilege()

virtual void Settable_routine_parameter::set_required_privilege ( ulong  privilege)

Set required privileges for accessing the parameter.

privilegeThe required privileges for this field, with the following alternatives: MODE_IN - SELECT_ACL MODE_OUT - UPDATE_ACL MODE_INOUT - SELECT_ACL | UPDATE_ACL

Reimplemented in Item_trigger_field.

◆ set_value()

virtual bool Settable_routine_parameter::set_value ( THD thd,
sp_rcontext ctx,
Item **  it 
pure virtual

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