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Binlog_storage_delegate Class Reference

#include <rpl_handler.h>

Inheritance diagram for Binlog_storage_delegate:

Public Types

typedef Binlog_storage_observer Observer
- Public Types inherited from Delegate
typedef List< Observer_infoObserver_info_list
typedef List_iterator< Observer_infoObserver_info_iterator

Public Member Functions

 Binlog_storage_delegate ()
int after_flush (THD *thd, const char *log_file, my_off_t log_pos)
int after_sync (THD *thd, const char *log_file, my_off_t log_pos)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Delegate
int add_observer (void *observer, st_plugin_int *plugin)
int remove_observer (void *observer)
Observer_info_iterator observer_info_iter ()
bool is_empty ()
int read_lock ()
int write_lock ()
int unlock ()
bool is_inited ()
 Delegate (PSI_rwlock_key key)
 ~Delegate ()

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Observer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Binlog_storage_delegate()

Binlog_storage_delegate::Binlog_storage_delegate ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ after_flush()

int Binlog_storage_delegate::after_flush ( THD thd,
const char *  log_file,
my_off_t  log_pos 

◆ after_sync()

int Binlog_storage_delegate::after_sync ( THD thd,
const char *  log_file,
my_off_t  log_pos 

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