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xcom_msg_queue.h File Reference
#include "xcom/simset.h"
#include "xcom/task.h"
#include "xdr_gen/xcom_vp.h"

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struct  msg_link


typedef struct msg_link msg_link


msg_linkmsg_link_new (pax_msg *p, node_no to)
char * dbg_msg_link (msg_link *link)
void empty_link_free_list ()
void empty_msg_channel (channel *c)
void empty_msg_list (linkage *l)
void init_link_list ()
void msg_link_delete (msg_link **link_p)
void shrink_msg_list (linkage *l, int n)
void shrink_msg_channel (channel *c, int n)

Typedef Documentation

◆ msg_link

typedef struct msg_link msg_link

Function Documentation

◆ dbg_msg_link()

char* dbg_msg_link ( msg_link link)

◆ empty_link_free_list()

void empty_link_free_list ( )

◆ empty_msg_channel()

void empty_msg_channel ( channel c)

◆ empty_msg_list()

void empty_msg_list ( linkage l)

◆ init_link_list()

void init_link_list ( )

◆ msg_link_delete()

void msg_link_delete ( msg_link **  link_p)

◆ msg_link_new()

msg_link* msg_link_new ( pax_msg *  p,
node_no  to 

◆ shrink_msg_channel()

void shrink_msg_channel ( channel c,
int  n 

◆ shrink_msg_list()

void shrink_msg_list ( linkage l,
int  n