MySQL  8.0.20
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ut0wqueue.h File Reference

A work queue. More...

#include "mem0mem.h"
#include "sync0sync.h"
#include "ut0list.h"

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ib_wqueue_tib_wqueue_create ()
 Create a new work queue. More...
void ib_wqueue_free (ib_wqueue_t *wq)
 Free a work queue. More...
void ib_wqueue_add (ib_wqueue_t *wq, void *item, mem_heap_t *heap)
 Add a work item to the queue. More...
ibool ib_wqueue_is_empty (const ib_wqueue_t *wq)
void * ib_wqueue_timedwait (ib_wqueue_t *wq, ib_time_t wait_in_usecs)

Detailed Description

A work queue.

Created 4/26/2006 Osku Salerma

Function Documentation

◆ ib_wqueue_add()

void ib_wqueue_add ( ib_wqueue_t wq,
void *  item,
mem_heap_t heap 

Add a work item to the queue.

in: memory heap to use for allocating the list node

wqin: work queue
itemin: work item
heapin: memory heap to use for allocating the list node

◆ ib_wqueue_create()

ib_wqueue_t* ib_wqueue_create ( void  )

Create a new work queue.

work queue

◆ ib_wqueue_free()

void ib_wqueue_free ( ib_wqueue_t wq)

Free a work queue.

in: work queue

wqin: work queue

◆ ib_wqueue_is_empty()

ibool ib_wqueue_is_empty ( const ib_wqueue_t wq)

◆ ib_wqueue_timedwait()

void* ib_wqueue_timedwait ( ib_wqueue_t wq,
ib_time_t  wait_in_usecs