MySQL 8.3.0
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supported_logger_options.h File Reference
#include <array>
#include "mysql/harness/logging/logging.h"

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static constexpr std::array< const char *, 4 > logger_sink_supported_options
static constexpr std::array< const char *, 5 > logger_supported_options

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constexpr std::array<const char *, 4> logger_sink_supported_options
Initial value:
= {
constexpr char kConfigOptionLogLevel[]
Definition: logging.h:71
constexpr char kConfigOptionLogTimestampPrecision[]
Definition: logging.h:72
constexpr char kConfigOptionLogFilename[]
Section name and option name used in config file (and later in configuration object) to specify log l...
Definition: logging.h:69
constexpr char kConfigOptionLogDestination[]
Definition: logging.h:70

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