MySQL 9.0.0
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task_env Struct Reference

#include <task.h>

Public Attributes

linkage l
linkage all
int heap_pos
terminate_enum terminate
int refcnt
int taskret
task_func func
task_arg arg
const char * name
double time
TaskAlign buf [TASK_POOL_ELEMS]
int debug
int waitfd
int interrupt

Member Data Documentation

◆ all

linkage task_env::all

◆ arg

task_arg task_env::arg

◆ buf

TaskAlign task_env::buf[TASK_POOL_ELEMS]

◆ debug

int task_env::debug

◆ func

task_func task_env::func

◆ heap_pos

int task_env::heap_pos

◆ interrupt

int task_env::interrupt

◆ l

linkage task_env::l

◆ name

const char* task_env::name

◆ refcnt

int task_env::refcnt

◆ sp

TaskAlign* task_env::sp

◆ stack_top

TaskAlign* task_env::stack_top

◆ taskret

int task_env::taskret

◆ terminate

terminate_enum task_env::terminate

◆ time

double task_env::time

◆ waitfd

int task_env::waitfd

◆ where

TaskAlign* task_env::where

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