MySQL 8.3.0
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task_arg Struct Reference

#include <task_arg.h>

Public Attributes

arg_type type
union {
   int   i
   long   l
   unsigned int   u_i
   unsigned long   u_l
   unsigned long long   u_ll
   float   f
   double   d
   char const *   s
   void *   v

Member Data Documentation

◆ d

double task_arg::d

◆ f

float task_arg::f

◆ i

int task_arg::i

◆ l

long task_arg::l

◆ s

char const* task_arg::s

◆ type

arg_type task_arg::type

◆ u_i

unsigned int task_arg::u_i

◆ u_l

unsigned long task_arg::u_l

◆ u_ll

unsigned long long task_arg::u_ll

◆ v

void* task_arg::v


union { ... } task_arg::val

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