MySQL 8.3.0
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s_mysql_mysql_debug_keyword_service Struct Reference

A service to check if debug keyword status. More...

#include <mysql_debug_keyword_service.h>

Public Attributes

mysql_service_status_t(* lookup_debug_keyword )(const char *name)
 Check if debug keyword is enabled. More...

Detailed Description

A service to check if debug keyword status.

The debug keywords are used to implement various functionality for debugging. See my_dbug.h for more info. One of the functionality is DBUG_EXECUTE_IF.

This service lookup_debug_keyword() is used to implement DBUG_EXECUTE_IF for use in components. The DBUG_EXECUTE_IF is implemented in util/debug_execute_if.h

The usage remains the same way as used in server. E.g., DBUG_EXECUTE_IF("debug point", { ...code... return false; });

Member Data Documentation

◆ lookup_debug_keyword

mysql_service_status_t(* s_mysql_mysql_debug_keyword_service::lookup_debug_keyword) (const char *name)

Check if debug keyword is enabled.

[in]nameThe debug keyword to check if its enabled. The memory for char* argument is managed by service invoker.
Return values
true if keyword is enabled.

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