MySQL 9.0.0
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mysql_locking_service_st Struct Reference

This service provides support for taking read/write locks. More...

#include <service_locking.h>

Public Attributes

mysql_acquire_locks_t mysql_acquire_locks
mysql_release_locks_t mysql_release_locks

Detailed Description

This service provides support for taking read/write locks.

It is intended for use with fabric, but it is still a general service. The locks are in a separate namespace from other locks in the server, and there is also no interactions with transactions (i.e. locks are not released on commit/abort).

These locks are implemented using the metadata lock (MDL) subsystem and thus deadlocks involving locking service locks and other types of metadata will be detected using the MDL deadlock detector.

Member Data Documentation

◆ mysql_acquire_locks

mysql_acquire_locks_t mysql_locking_service_st::mysql_acquire_locks

◆ mysql_release_locks

mysql_release_locks_t mysql_locking_service_st::mysql_release_locks

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