MySQL 8.4.0
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MySQL Server Plugin Services

This is a group of all plugin service APIs. More...


struct  mysql_locking_service_st
 This service provides support for taking read/write locks. More...
struct  my_plugin_log_service
 Enables plugins to log messages into the server's error log. More...
struct  mysql_malloc_service_st
 This service allows plugins to allocate and free memory through the server's memory handling routines. More...
struct  mysql_keyring_service_st
 This service allows plugins to interact with key store backends. More...
struct  mysql_password_policy_service_st
 This service allows plugins to validate passwords based on a common policy. More...
struct  plugin_registry_service_st
 A bridge service allowing plugins to work with the registry. More...
struct  security_context_service_st
 This service provides functions for plugins and storage engines to manipulate the thread's security context. More...


struct mysql_locking_service_stmysql_locking_service
struct my_plugin_log_servicemy_plugin_log_service
struct mysql_keyring_service_stmysql_keyring_service
struct mysql_password_policy_service_stmysql_password_policy_service
struct plugin_registry_service_stplugin_registry_service
struct security_context_service_stsecurity_context_service

Detailed Description

This is a group of all plugin service APIs.

See Plugin Services for more details.

Variable Documentation

◆ my_plugin_log_service

◆ mysql_keyring_service

struct mysql_keyring_service_st * mysql_keyring_service

◆ mysql_locking_service

struct mysql_locking_service_st * mysql_locking_service

◆ mysql_password_policy_service

struct mysql_password_policy_service_st * mysql_password_policy_service

◆ plugin_registry_service

struct plugin_registry_service_st * plugin_registry_service

◆ security_context_service

struct security_context_service_st * security_context_service