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hypergraph::Hypergraph Struct Reference

#include <hypergraph.h>

Public Member Functions

void AddNode ()
void AddEdge (NodeMap left, NodeMap right)
void ModifyEdge (unsigned edge_idx, NodeMap new_left, NodeMap new_right)

Public Attributes

std::vector< Nodenodes
std::vector< Hyperedgeedges

Private Member Functions

void AttachEdgeToNodes (size_t left_first_idx, size_t right_first_idx, NodeMap left, NodeMap right)

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddEdge()

void hypergraph::Hypergraph::AddEdge ( NodeMap  left,
NodeMap  right 

◆ AddNode()

void hypergraph::Hypergraph::AddNode ( )

◆ AttachEdgeToNodes()

void hypergraph::Hypergraph::AttachEdgeToNodes ( size_t  left_first_idx,
size_t  right_first_idx,
NodeMap  left,
NodeMap  right 

◆ ModifyEdge()

void hypergraph::Hypergraph::ModifyEdge ( unsigned  edge_idx,
NodeMap  new_left,
NodeMap  new_right 

Member Data Documentation

◆ edges

std::vector<Hyperedge> hypergraph::Hypergraph::edges

◆ nodes

std::vector<Node> hypergraph::Hypergraph::nodes

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