MySQL 8.4.0
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anonymous_namespace{}::PossibleIndexSkipScan Struct Reference

Represents a candidate index skip scan, i.e. More...

Public Attributes

size_t predicate_idx
Mem_root_array< AccessPath * > skip_scan_paths

Detailed Description

Represents a candidate index skip scan, i.e.

a scan on a multi-column index which uses some of, but not all, the columns of the index. Each index skip scan is associated with a predicate. All candidate skip scans are calculated and saved in skip_scan_paths for later proposal.

Member Data Documentation

◆ predicate_idx

size_t anonymous_namespace{}::PossibleIndexSkipScan::predicate_idx

◆ skip_scan_paths

Mem_root_array<AccessPath *> anonymous_namespace{}::PossibleIndexSkipScan::skip_scan_paths

◆ tree

SEL_TREE* anonymous_namespace{}::PossibleIndexSkipScan::tree

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