MySQL 8.4.0
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Parallel_reader_adapter::MySQL_row Struct Reference

MySQL row meta data. More...

Public Types

using Column_meta_data = std::vector< ulong, ut::allocator< ulong > >

Public Attributes

Column_meta_data m_offsets {}
 Column offsets. More...
Column_meta_data m_null_bit_mask {}
 Column null bit masks. More...
Column_meta_data m_null_bit_offsets {}
 Column null bit offsets. More...
ulong m_max_len {}
 Maximum row length. More...

Detailed Description

MySQL row meta data.

This is common across partitions.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Column_meta_data

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_max_len

ulong Parallel_reader_adapter::MySQL_row::m_max_len {}

Maximum row length.

◆ m_null_bit_mask

Column_meta_data Parallel_reader_adapter::MySQL_row::m_null_bit_mask {}

Column null bit masks.

◆ m_null_bit_offsets

Column_meta_data Parallel_reader_adapter::MySQL_row::m_null_bit_offsets {}

Column null bit offsets.

◆ m_offsets

Column_meta_data Parallel_reader_adapter::MySQL_row::m_offsets {}

Column offsets.

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