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A setup_object record. More...

#include <pfs_setup_object.h>

Public Member Functions

enum_object_type get_object_type ()

Public Attributes

pfs_lock m_lock
 Internal lock. More...
PFS_setup_object_key m_key
 Hash key. More...
const char * m_schema_name
 Schema name. More...
uint m_schema_name_length
 Length of m_schema_name. More...
const char * m_object_name
 Object name. More...
uint m_object_name_length
 Length of m_object_name. More...
bool m_enabled
 ENABLED flag. More...
bool m_timed
 TIMED flag. More...
PFS_opaque_container_page * m_page
 Container page. More...

Detailed Description

A setup_object record.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_object_type()

enum_object_type PFS_setup_object::get_object_type ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_enabled

bool PFS_setup_object::m_enabled


◆ m_key

PFS_setup_object_key PFS_setup_object::m_key

Hash key.

◆ m_lock

pfs_lock PFS_setup_object::m_lock

Internal lock.

◆ m_object_name

const char* PFS_setup_object::m_object_name

Object name.

Points inside m_key.

◆ m_object_name_length

uint PFS_setup_object::m_object_name_length

Length of m_object_name.

◆ m_page

PFS_opaque_container_page* PFS_setup_object::m_page

Container page.

◆ m_schema_name

const char* PFS_setup_object::m_schema_name

Schema name.

Points inside m_key.

◆ m_schema_name_length

uint PFS_setup_object::m_schema_name_length

Length of m_schema_name.

◆ m_timed

bool PFS_setup_object::m_timed

TIMED flag.

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