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Per account statistics. More...

#include <pfs_account.h>

Inheritance diagram for PFS_account:

Public Member Functions

void init_refcount ()
int get_refcount ()
void inc_refcount ()
void dec_refcount ()
void aggregate (bool alive, PFS_user *safe_user, PFS_host *safe_host)
void aggregate_waits (PFS_user *safe_user, PFS_host *safe_host)
void aggregate_stages (PFS_user *safe_user, PFS_host *safe_host)
void aggregate_statements (PFS_user *safe_user, PFS_host *safe_host)
void aggregate_transactions (PFS_user *safe_user, PFS_host *safe_host)
void aggregate_errors (PFS_user *safe_user, PFS_host *safe_host)
void aggregate_memory (bool alive, PFS_user *safe_user, PFS_host *safe_host)
void aggregate_status (PFS_user *safe_user, PFS_host *safe_host)
void aggregate_stats (PFS_user *safe_user, PFS_host *safe_host)
void release ()
void rebase_memory_stats ()
 Reset all memory statistics. More...
void carry_memory_stat_alloc_delta (PFS_memory_stat_alloc_delta *delta, uint index)
void carry_memory_stat_free_delta (PFS_memory_stat_free_delta *delta, uint index)
void set_instr_class_memory_stats (PFS_memory_shared_stat *array)
const PFS_memory_shared_statread_instr_class_memory_stats () const
PFS_memory_shared_statwrite_instr_class_memory_stats ()
void reset_connections_stats ()
void aggregate_disconnect (ulonglong controlled_memory, ulonglong total_memory)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PFS_connection_slice
void reset_stats ()
 Reset all statistics. More...
void reset_waits_stats ()
 Reset all wait statistics. More...
void reset_stages_stats ()
 Reset all stages statistics. More...
void reset_statements_stats ()
 Reset all statements statistics. More...
void reset_transactions_stats ()
 Reset all transactions statistics. More...
void reset_errors_stats ()
 Reset all errors statistics. More...
void reset_status_stats ()
 Reset all status variable statistics. More...
void set_instr_class_waits_stats (PFS_single_stat *array)
const PFS_single_statread_instr_class_waits_stats () const
PFS_single_statwrite_instr_class_waits_stats ()
void set_instr_class_stages_stats (PFS_stage_stat *array)
const PFS_stage_statread_instr_class_stages_stats () const
PFS_stage_statwrite_instr_class_stages_stats ()
void set_instr_class_statements_stats (PFS_statement_stat *array)
const PFS_statement_statread_instr_class_statements_stats () const
PFS_statement_statwrite_instr_class_statements_stats ()
void set_instr_class_transactions_stats (PFS_transaction_stat *array)
const PFS_transaction_statread_instr_class_transactions_stats () const
PFS_transaction_statwrite_instr_class_transactions_stats ()
void set_instr_class_errors_stats (PFS_error_stat *array)
const PFS_error_statread_instr_class_errors_stats () const
PFS_error_statwrite_instr_class_errors_stats ()
void aggregate_status_stats (const System_status_var *status_vars)

Public Attributes

pfs_lock m_lock
 Internal lock. More...
PFS_account_key m_key
bool m_enabled
 True if this account is enabled, per rules in table SETUP_ACTORS. More...
bool m_history
 True if this account has history enabled, per rules in table SETUP_ACTORS. More...
ulonglong m_disconnected_count
ulonglong m_max_controlled_memory
ulonglong m_max_total_memory
- Public Attributes inherited from PFS_connection_slice
PFS_status_stats m_status_stats
 Aggregated status variables. More...
PFS_opaque_container_page * m_page
 Container page. More...

Private Attributes

std::atomic< int > m_refcount
 Per account memory aggregated statistics. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from PFS_connection_slice
bool m_has_memory_stats

Detailed Description

Per account statistics.

Member Function Documentation

◆ dec_refcount()

void PFS_account::dec_refcount ( )

◆ get_refcount()

int PFS_account::get_refcount ( )

◆ inc_refcount()

void PFS_account::inc_refcount ( )

◆ init_refcount()

void PFS_account::init_refcount ( )

◆ read_instr_class_memory_stats()

const PFS_memory_shared_stat * PFS_account::read_instr_class_memory_stats ( ) const

◆ reset_connections_stats()

void PFS_account::reset_connections_stats ( )

◆ set_instr_class_memory_stats()

void PFS_account::set_instr_class_memory_stats ( PFS_memory_shared_stat array)

◆ write_instr_class_memory_stats()

PFS_memory_shared_stat * PFS_account::write_instr_class_memory_stats ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_disconnected_count

ulonglong PFS_account::m_disconnected_count

◆ m_enabled

bool PFS_account::m_enabled

True if this account is enabled, per rules in table SETUP_ACTORS.

◆ m_history

bool PFS_account::m_history

True if this account has history enabled, per rules in table SETUP_ACTORS.

◆ m_host

PFS_host* PFS_account::m_host

◆ m_instr_class_memory_stats

PFS_memory_shared_stat* PFS_account::m_instr_class_memory_stats

Per account memory aggregated statistics.

This member holds the data for the table PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA.MEMORY_SUMMARY_BY_ACCOUNT_BY_EVENT_NAME. Immutable, safe to use without internal lock.

◆ m_key

PFS_account_key PFS_account::m_key

◆ m_lock

pfs_lock PFS_account::m_lock

Internal lock.

◆ m_max_controlled_memory

ulonglong PFS_account::m_max_controlled_memory

◆ m_max_total_memory

ulonglong PFS_account::m_max_total_memory

◆ m_refcount

std::atomic<int> PFS_account::m_refcount

◆ m_user

PFS_user* PFS_account::m_user

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