MySQL 8.4.0
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Partition set iterator. More...

#include <partition_info.h>


struct  st_field_value_range
struct  st_part_num_range

Public Attributes

partition_iter_func get_next
bool ret_null_part
bool ret_null_part_orig
union {
   struct st_part_num_range   part_nums
   struct st_field_value_range   field_vals

Detailed Description

Partition set iterator.

Used to enumerate a set of [sub]partitions obtained in partition interval analysis (see get_partitions_in_range_iter).

For the user, the only meaningful field is get_next, which may be used as follows: part_iterator.get_next(&part_iterator);

Initialization is done by any of the following calls:

  • get_partitions_in_range_iter-type function call
  • init_single_partition_iterator()
  • init_all_partitions_iterator() Cleanup is not needed.

Member Data Documentation


union { ... } PARTITION_ITERATOR::@150

◆ field_vals

struct st_field_value_range PARTITION_ITERATOR::field_vals

◆ get_next

partition_iter_func PARTITION_ITERATOR::get_next

◆ part_info

partition_info* PARTITION_ITERATOR::part_info

◆ part_nums

struct st_part_num_range PARTITION_ITERATOR::part_nums

◆ ret_null_part

bool PARTITION_ITERATOR::ret_null_part

◆ ret_null_part_orig

bool PARTITION_ITERATOR::ret_null_part_orig

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