MySQL 8.4.0
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MI_COLUMNDEF Struct Reference

#include <myisam.h>

Public Attributes

int16 type
uint16 length
uint32 offset
uint8 null_bit
uint16 null_pos
void(* unpack )(MI_COLUMNDEF *rec, MI_BIT_BUFF *buff, uchar *start, uchar *end)
enum en_fieldtype base_type
uint space_length_bits
uint pack_type

Member Data Documentation

◆ base_type

enum en_fieldtype MI_COLUMNDEF::base_type

◆ huff_tree


◆ length

uint16 MI_COLUMNDEF::length

◆ null_bit

uint8 MI_COLUMNDEF::null_bit

◆ null_pos

uint16 MI_COLUMNDEF::null_pos

◆ offset

uint32 MI_COLUMNDEF::offset

◆ pack_type

uint MI_COLUMNDEF::pack_type

◆ space_length_bits

uint MI_COLUMNDEF::space_length_bits

◆ type

int16 MI_COLUMNDEF::type

◆ unpack

void(* MI_COLUMNDEF::unpack) (MI_COLUMNDEF *rec, MI_BIT_BUFF *buff, uchar *start, uchar *end)

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