MySQL 8.4.0
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CODE_STATE Struct Reference

Public Attributes

const char * process
const char * func
int func_len
const char * file
struct _db_stack_frame_framep
struct settingsstack
int lineno
uint level
uint u_line
int locked
const char * u_keyword
uint m_read_lock_count

Member Data Documentation

◆ file

const char* CODE_STATE::file

◆ framep

struct _db_stack_frame_* CODE_STATE::framep

◆ func

const char* CODE_STATE::func

◆ func_len

int CODE_STATE::func_len

◆ level

uint CODE_STATE::level

◆ lineno

int CODE_STATE::lineno

◆ locked

int CODE_STATE::locked

◆ m_read_lock_count

uint CODE_STATE::m_read_lock_count

◆ process

const char* CODE_STATE::process

◆ stack

struct settings* CODE_STATE::stack

◆ u_keyword

const char* CODE_STATE::u_keyword

◆ u_line

uint CODE_STATE::u_line

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