MySQL 8.4.0
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settings Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint flags
uint maxdepth
uint delay
uint sub_level
FILE * out_file
FILE * prof_file
char name [FN_REFLEN]
struct linkfunctions
struct linkp_functions
struct linkkeywords
struct linkprocesses
struct settingsnext

Member Data Documentation

◆ delay

uint settings::delay

◆ flags

uint settings::flags

◆ functions

struct link* settings::functions

◆ keywords

struct link* settings::keywords

◆ maxdepth

uint settings::maxdepth

◆ name

char settings::name[FN_REFLEN]

◆ next

struct settings* settings::next

◆ out_file

FILE* settings::out_file

◆ p_functions

struct link* settings::p_functions

◆ processes

struct link* settings::processes

◆ prof_file

FILE* settings::prof_file

◆ sub_level

uint settings::sub_level

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