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settings Struct Reference

Globally accessible settings as derived from the commandline. More...

#include <memcached.h>

Public Attributes

uint flags
uint maxdepth
uint delay
uint sub_level
FILE * out_file
FILE * prof_file
char name [FN_REFLEN]
struct linkfunctions
struct linkp_functions
struct linkkeywords
struct linkprocesses
struct settingsnext
size_t maxbytes
int maxconns
int port
int udpport
char * inter
int verbose
rel_time_t oldest_live
int evict_to_free
char * socketpath
int access
double factor
int chunk_size
int num_threads
int num_threads_per_udp
char prefix_delimiter
int detail_enabled
bool allow_detailed
int reqs_per_event
int reqs_per_tap_event
bool use_cas
enum protocol binding_protocol
int backlog
size_t item_size_max
bool sasl
bool require_sasl
int topkeys
union {
   ENGINE_HANDLE_V1 *   v1
struct {

Detailed Description

Globally accessible settings as derived from the commandline.

Member Data Documentation

◆ access

int settings::access

◆ allow_detailed

bool settings::allow_detailed

◆ ascii


◆ backlog

int settings::backlog

◆ binding_protocol

enum protocol settings::binding_protocol

◆ chunk_size

int settings::chunk_size

◆ daemons


◆ delay

uint settings::delay

◆ detail_enabled

int settings::detail_enabled

◆ engine

union { ... } settings::engine

◆ evict_to_free

int settings::evict_to_free

◆ extensions

struct { ... } settings::extensions

◆ factor

double settings::factor

◆ flags

uint settings::flags

◆ functions

struct link* settings::functions

◆ inter

char* settings::inter

◆ item_size_max

size_t settings::item_size_max

◆ keywords

struct link* settings::keywords

◆ logger


◆ maxbytes

size_t settings::maxbytes

◆ maxconns

int settings::maxconns

◆ maxdepth

uint settings::maxdepth

◆ name

char settings::name[FN_REFLEN]

◆ next

struct settings* settings::next

◆ num_threads

int settings::num_threads

◆ num_threads_per_udp

int settings::num_threads_per_udp

◆ oldest_live

rel_time_t settings::oldest_live

◆ out_file

FILE* settings::out_file

◆ p_functions

struct link* settings::p_functions

◆ port

int settings::port

◆ prefix_delimiter

char settings::prefix_delimiter

◆ processes

struct link* settings::processes

◆ prof_file

FILE* settings::prof_file

◆ reqs_per_event

int settings::reqs_per_event

◆ reqs_per_tap_event

int settings::reqs_per_tap_event

◆ require_sasl

bool settings::require_sasl

◆ sasl

bool settings::sasl

◆ socketpath

char* settings::socketpath

◆ sub_level

uint settings::sub_level

◆ topkeys

int settings::topkeys

◆ udpport

int settings::udpport

◆ use_cas

bool settings::use_cas

◆ v0

ENGINE_HANDLE* settings::v0

◆ v1

ENGINE_HANDLE_V1* settings::v1

◆ verbose

int settings::verbose

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