MySQL 8.3.0
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string_type.h File Reference
#include <stddef.h>
#include <sstream>
#include <string>
#include <system_error>
#include "sql/stateless_allocator.h"

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struct  dd::String_type_alloc
 Functor class which allocates memory for String_type. More...
struct  std::hash< dd::String_type >
 Specialize std::hash for dd::String_type so that it can be used with unordered_ containers. More...


namespace  dd
 The version of the current data dictionary table definitions.
namespace  std


typedef Stateless_allocator< char, String_type_alloc > dd::String_type_allocator
template<class A >
using dd::Char_string_template = std::basic_string< char, std::char_traits< char >, A >
 Template alias for char-based std::basic_string. More...
typedef Char_string_template< String_type_allocator > dd::String_type
template<class A >
using dd::Char_stringstream_template = std::basic_stringstream< char, std::char_traits< char >, A >
 Template alias for char-based std::basic_stringstream. More...
typedef Char_stringstream_template< String_type_allocator > dd::Stringstream_type
 Instantiation of std::basic_stringstream with the same allocator as String_type. More...


template<typename LEX_STRING_TYPE >
String_type dd::make_string_type (const LEX_STRING_TYPE &lst)