MySQL 8.3.0
Source Code Documentation File Reference
#include <stddef.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include "my_compiler.h"
#include "my_dbug.h"
#include "my_inttypes.h"
#include "my_sys.h"
#include "mysql_com.h"
#include "sql/current_thd.h"
#include "sql/protocol_classic.h"
#include "sql/sql_class.h"


int _my_b_net_read (IO_CACHE *info, uchar *Buffer, size_t Count)
 Read buffered from the net. More...

Detailed Description

Caching of files with only does (sequential) read or writes of fixed- length records. A read isn't allowed to go over file-length. A read is ok if it ends at file-length and next read can try to read after file-length (and get a EOF-error). Used instead of FILE when reading or writing whole files. One can change info->pos_in_file to a higher value to skip bytes in file if also info->rc_pos is set to info->rc_end. If called through open_cached_file(), then the temporary file will only be created if a write exceeds the file buffer or if one calls flush_io_cache().