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psi_memory_bits.h File Reference
#include <stddef.h>

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struct  PSI_memory_info_v1
 Memory instrument information. More...


typedef unsigned int PSI_memory_key
 Instrumented memory key. More...
typedef struct PSI_memory_info_v1 PSI_memory_info_v1
typedef void(* register_memory_v1_t) (const char *category, struct PSI_memory_info_v1 *info, int count)
 Memory registration API. More...
typedef PSI_memory_key(* memory_alloc_v1_t) (PSI_memory_key key, size_t size, struct PSI_thread **owner)
 Instrument memory allocation. More...
typedef PSI_memory_key(* memory_realloc_v1_t) (PSI_memory_key key, size_t old_size, size_t new_size, struct PSI_thread **owner)
 Instrument memory re allocation. More...
typedef PSI_memory_key(* memory_claim_v1_t) (PSI_memory_key key, size_t size, struct PSI_thread **owner)
 Instrument memory claim. More...
typedef void(* memory_free_v1_t) (PSI_memory_key key, size_t size, struct PSI_thread *owner)
 Instrument memory free. More...
typedef struct PSI_memory_info_v1 PSI_memory_info

Detailed Description

Performance schema instrumentation interface.