MySQL 8.4.0
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Text Resultset

A Text Resultset is a possible COM_QUERY Response.

It is made up of 2 parts:

  • the column definitions (a.k.a. the metadata)
  • the actual rows

The column definitions part starts with a packet containing the column-count, followed by as many Column Definition packets as there are columns and terminated by a EOF_Packet if the CLIENT_DEPRECATE_EOF is not set.

Each row is a packet, too. The rows are terminated by another EOF_Packet. In case the query could generate the Column Definition set, but generating the rows afterwards failed, a ERR_Packet may be sent instead of the last EOF_Packet.

int<1> metadata_follows Flag specifying if metadata are skipped or not. See enum_resultset_metadata
int<lenenc> column_count Number of Column Definition to follow
if (not (capabilities & CLIENT_OPTIONAL_RESULTSET_METADATA)) or metadata_follows == RESULTSET_METADATA_FULL {
column_count x Column Definition Field metadata one Column Definition for each field up to column_count
if (not capabilities & CLIENT_DEPRECATE_EOF) {
EOF_Packet End of metadata Marker to set the end of metadata
One or more Text Resultset Row The row data each Text Resultset Row contains column_count values
if (error processing) {
ERR_Packet terminator Error details
} else if capabilities & CLIENT_DEPRECATE_EOF {
OK_Packet terminator All the execution details
} else {
EOF_Packet terminator end of resultset marker

If the SERVER_MORE_RESULTS_EXISTS flag is set in the last EOF_Packet / OK_Packet, another Text Resultset will follow. See Multi-resultset.

if CLIENT_OPTIONAL_RESULTSET_METADATA is on, there might be no column descriptions sent and one extra flag is sent before the column counts.
See also
Protocol_classic::send_field_metadata, THD::send_result_metadata