MySQL 8.4.0
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If CLIENT_PROTOCOL_41 is enabled, the EOF packet contains a warning count and status flags.

In the MySQL client/server protocol, the EOF_Packet and OK_Packet packets serve the same purpose, to mark the end of a query execution result. Due to changes in MySQL 5.7 in the OK_Packet packets (such as session state tracking), and to avoid repeating the changes in the EOF_Packet packet, the OK_Packet is deprecated as of MySQL 5.7.5.
The EOF_Packet packet may appear in places where a Protocol::LengthEncodedInteger may appear. You must check whether the packet length is less than 9 to make sure that it is a EOF_Packet packet.
The Payload of an EOF Packet
int<1> header 0xFE EOF packet header
if capabilities & CLIENT_PROTOCOL_41 {
int<2> warnings number of warnings
int<2> status_flags SERVER_STATUS_flags_enum


A MySQL 4.1 EOF packet with: 0 warnings, AUTOCOMMIT enabled.

05 00 00 05 fe 00 00 02 00
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