MySQL 8.3.0
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keyring_file Namespace Reference


namespace  backend
namespace  config


bool set_paths (const char *component_path, const char *instance_path)
 Set path to component. More...
bool init_or_reinit_keyring ()
 Initialize or re-initialize keyring. More...
static mysql_service_status_t keyring_file_init ()
 Initialization function for component - Used when loading the component. More...
static mysql_service_status_t keyring_file_deinit ()
 De-initialization function for component - Used when unloading the component. More...


keyring_common::service_implementation::Component_callbacksg_component_callbacks = nullptr
 Component callbacks. More...
Keyring_operations< Keyring_file_backend > * g_keyring_operations = nullptr
 Keyring operations object. More...
Config_podg_config_pod = nullptr
 Keyring data source. More...
bool g_keyring_file_inited = false
 Keyring state. More...

Function Documentation

◆ init_or_reinit_keyring()

bool keyring_file::init_or_reinit_keyring ( )

Initialize or re-initialize keyring.

  1. Read configuration file
  2. Read keyring file
  3. Initialize internal cache
Status of read operations
Return values
falseRead config and data
trueError reading config or data. Existing data remains as it is.

◆ keyring_file_deinit()

static mysql_service_status_t keyring_file::keyring_file_deinit ( )

De-initialization function for component - Used when unloading the component.

◆ keyring_file_init()

static mysql_service_status_t keyring_file::keyring_file_init ( )

Initialization function for component - Used when loading the component.

◆ set_paths()

bool keyring_file::set_paths ( const char *  component_path,
const char *  instance_path 

Set path to component.

[in]component_pathPath to component library
[in]instance_pathPath to instance specific config
initialization status
Return values
falseSuccessful initialization

Variable Documentation

◆ g_component_callbacks

Component callbacks.

◆ g_config_pod

config::Config_pod * keyring_file::g_config_pod = nullptr

Keyring data source.

◆ g_keyring_file_inited

bool keyring_file::g_keyring_file_inited = false

Keyring state.

◆ g_keyring_operations

Keyring operations object.