MySQL 8.3.0
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dd::anonymous_namespace{} Namespace Reference


using DC = dd::cache::Dictionary_client
using AR = dd::cache::Dictionary_client::Auto_releaser


template<typename DDT >
static handlertonresolve_hton (THD *thd, const DDT &ddt)
 Templated convenience wrapper which first attempts to resolve the handlerton using the data dictionary object's engine() string. More...
template<class AKT , class CLOS >
bool with_schema (THD *thd, const AKT &key, CLOS &&clos)
 Covenience function for acquiring the schema and invoking a closure which uses the schema object. More...
template<class CHAR_IT >
bool equal_prefix_chars (CHAR_IT &&begin1, CHAR_IT &&end1, CHAR_IT &&begin2, CHAR_IT &&end2, size_t n, const CHARSET_INFO *csi=system_charset_info)
 Predicate which returns true if an n-character prefix of two character ranges are equal. More...
template<class DDT >
bool equal_prefix_chars_name (const DDT &a, const DDT &b, size_t prefix_chars)
 Convenience function for comparing a prefix of the names of two DD objects. More...