MySQL  8.0.27
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std::shared_ptr< MetaDataget_instance (const mysqlrouter::ClusterType cluster_type, const metadata_cache::MetadataCacheMySQLSessionConfig &session_config, const mysqlrouter::SSLOptions &ssl_options, const bool use_cluster_notifications, const unsigned view_id)
 Return an instance of cluster metadata. More...


std::shared_ptr< MetaDatameta_data {nullptr}

Function Documentation

◆ get_instance()

std::shared_ptr<MetaData> get_instance ( const mysqlrouter::ClusterType  cluster_type,
const metadata_cache::MetadataCacheMySQLSessionConfig session_config,
const mysqlrouter::SSLOptions ssl_options,
const bool  use_cluster_notifications,
const unsigned  view_id 

Return an instance of cluster metadata.

cluster_typetype of the cluster the metadata cache object will represent (GR or ReplicaSet)
session_configMetadata MySQL session configuration
ssl_optionsSSL related options to be used for connection
use_cluster_notificationsFlag indicating if the metadata cache should use cluster notifications as an additional trigger for metadata refresh (only available for GR cluster type)
view_idlast known view_id of the cluster metadata (only relevant for ReplicaSet cluster)

Variable Documentation

◆ meta_data

std::shared_ptr<MetaData> meta_data {nullptr}