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matcher.h File Reference
#include <algorithm>

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class  Matcher::Range< S, E >
 matches a Range of characters. More...
class  Matcher::One< Arg >
class  Matcher::One< Arg >
 matches one character in a list of possible candidates. More...
class  Matcher::Sor<>
class  Matcher::Sor< Rules >
 matches Rules left-to-right with OR. More...


namespace  Matcher


using Matcher::Digit = Range< '0', '9'>
 [0-9]. More...
using Matcher::Lower = Range< 'a', 'z'>
 [a-z]. More...
using Matcher::Upper = Range< 'A', 'Z'>
 [A-Z]. More...
using Matcher::Alpha = Sor< Lower, Upper >
 [a-zA-Z]. More...
using Matcher::Alnum = Sor< Alpha, Digit >
 [a-zA-Z0-9]. More...


bool Matcher::contains (char c, const std::initializer_list< char > &l)
 check if a initizalizer list contains a character. More...