MySQL 8.4.0
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Redo log - functions related to redo formats before 8.0.30. More...

#include <sstream>
#include "log0files_io.h"
#include "log0pre_8_0_30.h"
#include "log0types.h"
#include "mach0data.h"


namespace  log_pre_8_0_30


static os_offset_t log_pre_8_0_30::compute_size_offset (os_offset_t file_size, os_offset_t real_offset)
static os_offset_t log_pre_8_0_30::compute_real_offset (os_offset_t file_size, os_offset_t size_offset)
os_offset_t log_pre_8_0_30::compute_real_offset_for_lsn (size_t n_files, os_offset_t file_size, lsn_t some_file_lsn, os_offset_t some_file_offset, lsn_t requested_lsn)
 Provides a file offset for the given lsn. More...
bool log_pre_8_0_30::checkpoint_header_deserialize (const byte *buf, Checkpoint_header &header)
 Deserializes the log checkpoint header stored in the given buffer. More...
std::string log_pre_8_0_30::file_name (Log_file_id file_id)
 Provides name of the log file with the given file id, e.g. More...
bool log_pre_8_0_30::files_validate_format (const Log_files_context &files_ctx, const ut::vector< Log_file_id_and_header > &files, Log_format &format)
 Validates that ib_logfile0 exists and has format older than VERSION_8_0_30. More...

Detailed Description

Redo log - functions related to redo formats before 8.0.30.