MySQL 8.4.0
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log0meb.h File Reference
#include "univ.i"

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namespace  meb


int meb::validate_redo_log_archive_dirs (THD *thd, SYS_VAR *var, void *save, st_mysql_value *value)
 Check whether a valid value is given to innodb_redo_log_archive_dirs. More...
void meb::redo_log_archive_init ()
 Initialize redo log archiving. More...
void meb::redo_log_archive_deinit ()
 De-initialize redo log archiving. More...
void meb::redo_log_archive_session_end (innodb_session_t *session)
 Security function to be called when the current session ends. More...
void meb::redo_log_archive_produce (const byte *write_buf, const size_t write_size)
 The producer produces full QUEUE_BLOCK_SIZE redo log blocks. More...
bool meb::redo_log_archive_is_active ()
bool meb::register_privilege (const char *priv_name)
 Register a privilege. More...


mysql_pfs_key_t meb::redo_log_archive_consumer_thread_key
 Performance schema key for the log consumer thread. More...
mysql_pfs_key_t meb::redo_log_archive_file_key
 Performance schema key for the redo log archive file. More...
char * meb::redo_log_archive_dirs {}