MySQL 9.0.0
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st_mysql_value Struct Reference

#include <system_variables_bits.h>

Inheritance diagram for st_mysql_value:

Public Attributes

int(* value_type )(struct st_mysql_value *)
const char *(* val_str )(struct st_mysql_value *, char *buffer, int *length)
int(* val_real )(struct st_mysql_value *, double *realbuf)
int(* val_int )(struct st_mysql_value *, long long *intbuf)
int(* is_unsigned )(struct st_mysql_value *)

Member Data Documentation

◆ is_unsigned

int(* st_mysql_value::is_unsigned) (struct st_mysql_value *)

◆ val_int

int(* st_mysql_value::val_int) (struct st_mysql_value *, long long *intbuf)

◆ val_real

int(* st_mysql_value::val_real) (struct st_mysql_value *, double *realbuf)

◆ val_str

const char *(* st_mysql_value::val_str) (struct st_mysql_value *, char *buffer, int *length)

◆ value_type

int(* st_mysql_value::value_type) (struct st_mysql_value *)

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