MySQL 8.4.0
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lock.h File Reference
#include <stddef.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <string>
#include "map_helpers.h"
#include "sql/mdl.h"

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struct  MYSQL_LOCK


typedef malloc_unordered_set< std::string > Tablespace_hash_set


MYSQL_LOCKmysql_lock_tables (THD *thd, TABLE **table, size_t count, uint flags)
 Lock tables. More...
void mysql_unlock_tables (THD *thd, MYSQL_LOCK *sql_lock)
void mysql_unlock_read_tables (THD *thd, MYSQL_LOCK *sql_lock)
 unlock all tables locked for read. More...
void mysql_unlock_some_tables (THD *thd, TABLE **table, uint count)
 Unlock some of the tables locked by mysql_lock_tables. More...
void mysql_lock_remove (THD *thd, MYSQL_LOCK *locked, TABLE *table)
 Try to find the table in the list of locked tables. More...
void mysql_lock_abort_for_thread (THD *thd, TABLE *table)
 Abort one thread / table combination. More...
MYSQL_LOCKmysql_lock_merge (MYSQL_LOCK *a, MYSQL_LOCK *b)
bool lock_schema_name (THD *thd, const char *db)
 Obtain an exclusive metadata lock on a schema name. More...
bool lock_tablespace_names (THD *thd, Tablespace_hash_set *tablespace_set, ulong lock_wait_timeout, MEM_ROOT *mem_root)
 Acquire IX MDL lock each tablespace name from the given set. More...
bool lock_object_name (THD *thd, MDL_key::enum_mdl_namespace mdl_type, const char *db, const char *name)
 Obtain an exclusive metadata lock on an object name. More...
bool acquire_shared_global_read_lock (THD *thd, unsigned long lock_wait_timeout)
 Acquire protection against the global read lock. More...

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