MySQL 8.0.31
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ha_myisam.h File Reference

MyISAM storage engine. More...

#include <stddef.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include "ft_global.h"
#include "my_icp.h"
#include "my_inttypes.h"
#include "myisam.h"
#include "sql/handler.h"
#include "sql/table.h"
#include "sql_string.h"
#include "typelib.h"

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class  Myisam_handler_share
class  ha_myisam


#define HA_RECOVER_DEFAULT   1 /* Automatic recover active */
#define HA_RECOVER_BACKUP   2 /* Make a backupfile on recover */
#define HA_RECOVER_FORCE   4 /* Recover even if we loose rows */
#define HA_RECOVER_QUICK   8 /* Don't check rows in data file */
#define HA_RECOVER_OFF   16 /* No automatic recover */


int table2myisam (TABLE *table_arg, MI_KEYDEF **keydef_out, MI_COLUMNDEF **recinfo_out, uint *records_out)
int check_definition (MI_KEYDEF *t1_keyinfo, MI_COLUMNDEF *t1_recinfo, uint t1_keys, uint t1_recs, MI_KEYDEF *t2_keyinfo, MI_COLUMNDEF *t2_recinfo, uint t2_keys, uint t2_recs, bool strict)
ICP_RESULT index_cond_func_myisam (void *arg)


TYPELIB myisam_recover_typelib
const char * myisam_recover_names []
ulonglong myisam_recover_options
const char * myisam_stats_method_names []

Detailed Description

MyISAM storage engine.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define HA_RECOVER_BACKUP   2 /* Make a backupfile on recover */


#define HA_RECOVER_DEFAULT   1 /* Automatic recover active */


#define HA_RECOVER_FORCE   4 /* Recover even if we loose rows */


#define HA_RECOVER_OFF   16 /* No automatic recover */


#define HA_RECOVER_QUICK   8 /* Don't check rows in data file */

Function Documentation

◆ check_definition()

int check_definition ( MI_KEYDEF t1_keyinfo,
MI_COLUMNDEF t1_recinfo,
uint  t1_keys,
uint  t1_recs,
MI_KEYDEF t2_keyinfo,
MI_COLUMNDEF t2_recinfo,
uint  t2_keys,
uint  t2_recs,
bool  strict 

◆ index_cond_func_myisam()

ICP_RESULT index_cond_func_myisam ( void *  arg)

◆ table2myisam()

int table2myisam ( TABLE table_arg,
MI_KEYDEF **  keydef_out,
MI_COLUMNDEF **  recinfo_out,
uint records_out 

Variable Documentation

◆ myisam_recover_names

const char* myisam_recover_names[]

◆ myisam_recover_options

ulonglong myisam_recover_options

◆ myisam_recover_typelib

TYPELIB myisam_recover_typelib

◆ myisam_stats_method_names

const char* myisam_stats_method_names[]