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expected.h File Reference
#include <cassert>
#include <functional>
#include <initializer_list>
#include <memory>
#include <type_traits>
#include <utility>
#include "my_compiler.h"

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struct  stdx::unexpect_t
class  stdx::unexpected< E >
class  stdx::expected< T, E >
class  stdx::expected< T, E >


namespace  stdx
namespace  stdx::impl
namespace  stdx::base


#define LIKELY(x)   (x) [[likely]]


template<class E >
 stdx::unexpected (E) -> unexpected< E >
template<class NewT , class OldT , class... Args>
constexpr void stdx::impl::reinit_expected (NewT *new_val, OldT *old_val, Args &&... args)
template<class Exp , class Func , typename value_type = typename std::decay_t<Exp>::value_type>
requires (std::is_void_v<value_type> ? std::is_invocable_v<Func> : std::is_invocable_v<Func, value_type>)
constexpr auto stdx::base::and_then_impl (Exp &&exp, Func &&func)
template<class Exp , class Func , typename error_type = typename std::decay_t<Exp>::error_type>
requires std::is_invocable_v<Func, error_type>
constexpr auto stdx::base::or_else_impl (Exp &&exp, Func &&func)
template<class Exp , class Func >
constexpr auto stdx::expected_transform_impl (Exp &&exp, Func &&func)


constexpr unexpect_t stdx::unexpect {}
template<class T >
constexpr bool stdx::impl::is_expected = false
template<class T , class E >
constexpr bool stdx::impl::is_expected< expected< T, E > > = true
template<class T >
constexpr bool stdx::impl::is_unexpected = false
template<class T >
constexpr bool stdx::impl::is_unexpected< unexpected< T > > = true

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#define LIKELY (   x)    (x) [[likely]]