MySQL 8.1.0
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ddl0impl-builder.h File Reference

DDL index builder data interface. More...

#include "btr0load.h"
#include "ddl0impl-buffer.h"
#include "ddl0impl-file-reader.h"
#include "row0pread.h"

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struct  ddl::Builder
 For loading indexes. More...
struct  ddl::Builder::Thread_ctx
 State of a cluster index reader thread. More...
struct  ddl::Load_cursor
struct  ddl::Merge_cursor
 Merge the sorted files. More...
struct  ddl::Merge_cursor::Compare
 Comparator. More...


namespace  ddl
 The general architecture is that the work is done in two phases, roughly the read and write phase.

Detailed Description

DDL index builder data interface.

Created 2020-11-01 by Sunny Bains.