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27/** @file include/ddl0impl-buffer.h
28 DDL buffer infrastructure.
29 Created 2020-11-01 by Sunny Bains. */
31#ifndef ddl0impl_buffer_h
32#define ddl0impl_buffer_h
34#include "ddl0impl.h"
35#include "dict0dict.h"
37namespace ddl {
39/** Buffer for sorting in main memory. */
41 /** Callback for writing serialized data to to disk.
42 @param[in] io_buffer Buffer to persist.
43 @param[in,out] n Number of bytes written is returned.
44 Input value semantics:
45 0 - Write up to aligned length.
46 >0 - All data will be written and
47 last block will be padded with zeros.
48 @return DB_SUCCES or error code. */
49 using Function = std::function<dberr_t(IO_buffer io_buffer, os_offset_t &n)>;
51 /** Constructor.
52 @param[in,out] index Sort buffer is for this index.
53 @param[in] size Sort buffer size in bytes. */
54 explicit Key_sort_buffer(dict_index_t *index, size_t size) noexcept;
56 /** Destructor. */
59 /** Sort the elements in m_dtuples.
60 @param[in,out] dup For collecting the duplicate rows. */
61 void sort(ddl::Dup *dup) noexcept;
63 /** Serialize the contents for storing to disk.
64 @param[in] io_buffer Buffer for serializing.
65 @param[in] f Function for persisting the data.
66 @return DB_SUCCESS or error code. */
67 dberr_t serialize(IO_buffer io_buffer, Function &&f) noexcept;
69 /** Reset the sort buffer. clear the heap and entries. */
70 void clear() noexcept;
72 /** @return true if the index is clustered. */
73 [[nodiscard]] bool is_clustered() const noexcept {
74 return m_index->is_clustered();
75 }
77 /** @return true if the index is an FTS index. */
78 [[nodiscard]] bool is_fts() const noexcept {
79 return m_index->type & DICT_FTS;
80 }
82 /** @return true if the index has a unique constraint. */
83 [[nodiscard]] bool is_unique() const noexcept {
85 }
87 /** @return the heap to use. */
88 [[nodiscard]] mem_heap_t *heap() noexcept { return m_heap; }
90 /** @return number of tuples stored so far. */
91 [[nodiscard]] size_t size() const noexcept { return m_n_tuples; }
93 /** @return true if the buffer is full. */
94 [[nodiscard]] bool full() const noexcept { return size() >= m_max_tuples; }
96 /** @return true if the buffer is empty. */
97 [[nodiscard]] bool empty() const noexcept { return size() == 0; }
99 /** @return a references to the last element. */
100 [[nodiscard]] dfield_t *&back() noexcept {
101 ut_a(!empty());
102 return m_dtuples[size() - 1];
103 }
105 /** Allocate fields from the heap.
106 @param[in] n Number of fields to allocate.
107 @return an array of n dfields. */
108 dfield_t *alloc(size_t n) noexcept {
109 const auto sz = sizeof(dfield_t) * n;
110 return static_cast<dfield_t *>(mem_heap_alloc(m_heap, sz));
111 }
113 /** Check if n bytes will fit in the buffer.
114 @param[in] n Number of bytes to check.
115 @return true if n bytes will fit in the buffer. */
116 bool will_fit(size_t n) const noexcept {
117 /* Reserve one byte for the end marker and adjust for meta-data overhead. */
118 return m_total_size + n +
119 (sizeof(std::remove_pointer<decltype(
121 (m_n_tuples + 1)) <=
122 m_buffer_size - 1;
123 }
125 /** Deep copy the field data starting from the back.
126 @param[in] n_fields Number of fields to copy.
127 @param[in] data_size Size in bytes of the data to copy. */
128 void deep_copy(size_t n_fields, size_t data_size) noexcept;
130 /** Compare two merge data tuples.
131 @param[in] lhs Fields to compare on the LHS
132 @param[in] rhs Fields to compare on the RHS
133 @param[in,out] dup For capturing duplicates (or nullptr).
134 @retval +ve - if lhs > rhs
135 @retval -ve - if lhs < rhs
136 @retval 0 - if lhs == rhs */
137 [[nodiscard]] static int compare(const dfield_t *lhs, const dfield_t *rhs,
138 Dup *dup) noexcept;
140 /** DTuple is an array of dfield_t objects. */
141 using DTuple = dfield_t *;
142 using DTuples = std::vector<DTuple, ut::allocator<DTuple>>;
144 /** Memory heap where allocated */
147 /** The index the tuples belong to */
150 /** Total amount of data bytes */
151 size_t m_total_size{};
153 /** Number of data tuples */
154 size_t m_n_tuples{};
156 /** Maximum number of data tuples */
157 size_t m_max_tuples{};
159 /** Array of data tuples */
162 /** Buffer size. */
166} // namespace ddl
168#endif /* !ddl0impl_buffer_h */
A utility class which, if inherited from, prevents the descendant class from being copied,...
Definition: ut0class_life_cycle.h:40
Definition: db0err.h:38
DDL implementation include file.
Data dictionary system.
static ulint dict_index_is_unique(const dict_index_t *index)
Check whether the index is unique.
constexpr uint32_t DICT_FTS
FTS index; can't be combined with the other flags.
Definition: dict0mem.h:103
static void * mem_heap_alloc(mem_heap_t *heap, ulint n)
Allocates n bytes of memory from a memory heap.
static void mem_heap_free(mem_heap_t *heap)
Frees the space occupied by a memory heap.
uint16_t value_type
Definition: vt100.h:183
The general architecture is that the work is done in two phases, roughly the read and write phase.
std::pair< byte *, os_offset_t > IO_buffer
Block size for DDL I/O operations.
Definition: ddl0impl.h:46
uint64_t os_offset_t
File offset in bytes.
Definition: os0file.h:86
required string type
Definition: replication_group_member_actions.proto:33
Structure for reporting duplicate records.
Definition: ddl0ddl.h:131
Buffer for sorting in main memory.
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:40
bool full() const noexcept
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:94
dberr_t serialize(IO_buffer io_buffer, Function &&f) noexcept
Serialize the contents for storing to disk.
bool is_fts() const noexcept
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:78
bool will_fit(size_t n) const noexcept
Check if n bytes will fit in the buffer.
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:116
Key_sort_buffer(dict_index_t *index, size_t size) noexcept
size_t m_buffer_size
Buffer size.
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:163
size_t size() const noexcept
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:91
dfield_t * alloc(size_t n) noexcept
Allocate fields from the heap.
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:108
std::vector< DTuple, ut::allocator< DTuple > > DTuples
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:142
static int compare(const dfield_t *lhs, const dfield_t *rhs, Dup *dup) noexcept
Compare two merge data tuples.
bool is_clustered() const noexcept
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:73
size_t m_n_tuples
Number of data tuples.
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:154
bool is_unique() const noexcept
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:83
size_t m_total_size
Total amount of data bytes.
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:151
std::function< dberr_t(IO_buffer io_buffer, os_offset_t &n)> Function
Callback for writing serialized data to to disk.
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:49
mem_heap_t * heap() noexcept
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:88
dict_index_t * m_index
The index the tuples belong to.
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:148
void deep_copy(size_t n_fields, size_t data_size) noexcept
Deep copy the field data starting from the back.
DTuples m_dtuples
Array of data tuples.
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:160
dfield_t *& back() noexcept
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:100
~Key_sort_buffer() noexcept
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:57
size_t m_max_tuples
Maximum number of data tuples.
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:157
mem_heap_t * m_heap
Memory heap where allocated.
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:145
void sort(ddl::Dup *dup) noexcept
Sort the elements in m_dtuples.
void clear() noexcept
Reset the sort buffer.
bool empty() const noexcept
Definition: ddl0impl-buffer.h:97
Structure for an SQL data field.
Definition: data0data.h:604
Data structure for an index.
Definition: dict0mem.h:1045
unsigned type
Definition: dict0mem.h:1072
bool is_clustered() const
Definition: dict0mem.h:1310
The info structure stored at the beginning of a heap block.
Definition: mem0mem.h:301
#define ut_a(EXPR)
Abort execution if EXPR does not evaluate to nonzero.
Definition: ut0dbg.h:92
int n