MySQL 8.0.29
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dd_view.h File Reference

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namespace  dd
 The version of the current data dictionary table definitions.


bool dd::create_view (THD *thd, const dd::Schema &schema, TABLE_LIST *view)
 Store view metadata in the data-dictionary. More...
bool dd::update_view (THD *thd, dd::View *new_view, TABLE_LIST *view)
 Update view metadata in dd.views. More...
bool dd::read_view (TABLE_LIST *view, const dd::View &view_ref, MEM_ROOT *mem_root)
 Read view metadata from dd.views into TABLE_LIST. More...
bool dd::update_view_status (THD *thd, const char *schema_name, const char *view_name, bool status, bool commit_dd_changes)
 Update view status(valid/invalid) value in dd.views.options. More...