MySQL 8.4.0
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Inline utility functions used in different TUs. More...

#include <assert.h>
#include "sql/current_thd.h"
#include "sql/dd/string_type.h"
#include "sql/error_handler.h"
#include "sql/mdl.h"
#include "sql/sql_class.h"

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class  dd::sdi_utils::Closure_error_handler< CONDITION_HANDLER_CLOS >
 Class template which derives from Internal_error_handler and overrides handle_condition with the CONDITION_HANDLER_CLOS template parameter. More...


namespace  dd
 The version of the current data dictionary table definitions.
namespace  dd::sdi_utils


#define ENTITY_FMT   "(%s, %llu)"
#define ENTITY_VAL(obj)   (obj).name().c_str(), (obj).id()


bool dd::sdi_utils::checked_return (bool ret)
 In debug mode, check that a true argument is paired with thd->is_error() or thd->killed being set. More...
bool dd::sdi_utils::mdl_lock (THD *thd, MDL_key::enum_mdl_namespace ns, const String_type &schema_name, const String_type &object_name, enum_mdl_type mt=MDL_EXCLUSIVE, enum_mdl_duration md=MDL_TRANSACTION)
 Convenience function for obtaining MDL. More...
template<typename T >
const T & dd::sdi_utils::ptr_as_cref (const T *p)
template<typename CH_CLOS , typename ACTION_CLOS >
bool dd::sdi_utils::handle_errors (THD *thd, CH_CLOS &&chc, ACTION_CLOS &&ac)
 Set up a custom error handler to use for errors from the execution of a closure. More...
template<typename P_TYPE , typename CLOS_TYPE >
std::unique_ptr< P_TYPE, CLOS_TYPE > dd::sdi_utils::make_guard (P_TYPE *p, CLOS_TYPE &&clos)

Detailed Description

Inline utility functions used in different TUs.

Declared inline in header to avoid any overhead as they are only a syntactic convnience (macro replacement).

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#define ENTITY_FMT   "(%s, %llu)"


#define ENTITY_VAL (   obj)    (obj).name().c_str(), (obj).id()