MySQL 9.0.0
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mysql::binlog::event::compression::None_comp Class Reference

Compressor subclass that only copies input to output without compressing it. More...

#include <none_comp.h>

Inheritance diagram for mysql::binlog::event::compression::None_comp:

Public Types

using Char_t = Managed_buffer_sequence_t::Char_t
using Managed_buffer_sequence_t = mysql::binlog::event::compression::buffer::Managed_buffer_sequence<>
using Size_t = Managed_buffer_sequence_t::Size_t
- Public Types inherited from mysql::binlog::event::compression::Compressor
using Managed_buffer_sequence_t = mysql::binlog::event::compression::buffer::Managed_buffer_sequence<>
using Char_t = Managed_buffer_sequence_t::Char_t
using Size_t = Managed_buffer_sequence_t::Size_t
using Grow_constraint_t = mysql::binlog::event::compression::buffer::Grow_constraint

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr type type_code = NONE
- Static Public Attributes inherited from mysql::binlog::event::compression::Compressor
static constexpr Size_t pledged_input_size_unset

Private Member Functions

type do_get_type_code () const override
void do_reset () override
 Implement reset. More...
void do_feed (const Char_t *input_data, Size_t input_size) override
 Implement feed. More...
Compress_status do_compress (Managed_buffer_sequence_t &out) override
 Implement compress. More...
Compress_status do_finish (Managed_buffer_sequence_t &out) override
 Implement finish. More...

Private Attributes

const Char_tm_input_data {nullptr}
 Data previously provided to do_feed. More...
Size_t m_input_size {0}
 Size data previously provided to do_feed. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from mysql::binlog::event::compression::Compressor
 Compressor ()=default
 Compressor (const Compressor &other)=delete
 Compressor (Compressor &&other)=delete
Compressoroperator= (const Compressor &other)=delete
Compressoroperator= (Compressor &&other)=delete
virtual ~Compressor ()=default
type get_type_code () const
void reset ()
 Reset the frame. More...
template<class Input_char_t >
void feed (const Input_char_t *input_data, Size_t input_size)
 Submit data to be compressed. More...
Compress_status compress (Managed_buffer_sequence_t &out)
 Consume all input previously given in the feed function. More...
Compress_status finish (Managed_buffer_sequence_t &out)
 Consume all input, produce all output, and end the frame. More...
Grow_constraint_t get_grow_constraint_hint () const
 Return a Grow_constraint that may be used with the Managed_buffer_sequence storing the output, in order to optimize memory usage for a particular compression algorithm. More...
void set_pledged_input_size (Size_t size)
 Declare that the input size will be exactly as given. More...
Size_t get_pledged_input_size () const
 Return the size previously provided to set_pledged_input_size, or pledged_input_size_unset if no pledged size has been set. More...

Detailed Description

Compressor subclass that only copies input to output without compressing it.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Char_t

using mysql::binlog::event::compression::Compressor::Char_t = Managed_buffer_sequence_t::Char_t

◆ Managed_buffer_sequence_t

◆ Size_t

using mysql::binlog::event::compression::Compressor::Size_t = Managed_buffer_sequence_t::Size_t

Member Function Documentation

◆ do_compress()

Compress_status mysql::binlog::event::compression::None_comp::do_compress ( Managed_buffer_sequence_t out)

Implement compress.

This differs from compress in that it does not have to reset the frame when returning out_of_memory; the caller does that.

For None_comp, this is guaranteed to produce all output on success.

Implements mysql::binlog::event::compression::Compressor.

◆ do_feed()

void mysql::binlog::event::compression::None_comp::do_feed ( const Char_t input_data,
Size_t  input_size 

Implement feed.

This differs from feed in that it does not have to reset the frame when returning out_of_memory; the caller does that.

Implements mysql::binlog::event::compression::Compressor.

◆ do_finish()

Compress_status mysql::binlog::event::compression::None_comp::do_finish ( Managed_buffer_sequence_t out)

Implement finish.

This differs from finish in that it does not have to reset the frame when returning out_of_memory; the caller does that.

Implementations may assume that compress has been called, since finish does that.

For None_comp, this is equivalent to compress.

Implements mysql::binlog::event::compression::Compressor.

◆ do_get_type_code()

type mysql::binlog::event::compression::None_comp::do_get_type_code ( ) const

◆ do_reset()

void mysql::binlog::event::compression::None_comp::do_reset ( )

Implement reset.

No-op for this class.

Implements mysql::binlog::event::compression::Compressor.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_input_data

const Char_t* mysql::binlog::event::compression::None_comp::m_input_data {nullptr}

Data previously provided to do_feed.

◆ m_input_size

Size_t mysql::binlog::event::compression::None_comp::m_input_size {0}

Size data previously provided to do_feed.

◆ type_code

constexpr type mysql::binlog::event::compression::None_comp::type_code = NONE

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